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a customer from Luxembourg / Nov. 2015
My friend tried MSP for the first time on her classical guitar yesterday on the rehearsal, and it was plug-and-play: instant satisfaction, zero feedback problems, great sound with flat eq settings on the mixing board.

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Mauro Gargano from France / Jun. 2016
double bassI'm very impressed.
I played in Paris with armenian jazz band, i put the MSP pickup microphone in a bass ampli TC Electronic, and the sound was amazing.
I think better than my leading-brand double bass bridge pickup.
I like the sound, close to a real air microphone but without feed back.
I continue the experience for the next gigs.
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a customer from Luxembourg / Nov. 2015
For double bass, I am comparing MSP with the Realist and the Shadow 950 first hand. I am familiar with other piezo pickups for double bass, but those I have used on borrowed instruments. I have to say, speaking about piezo pickups, MSP surpassed them all. So far I preffered the Realist, which worked fine in loud situations, but would start to compress sound after a certain level of input - this limited dynamic range led me to search for other solutions. Also, on some recordings it would sound close to electric bass, but that is due to where the pickup is positioned - I feel it mostly brings out the sound of strings and the bridge, not the whole instrument. The Shadow goes even further here, and some musicians actually go for that sound. I first used MSP on a rehearsal with my jazz quartet, and while I immediately noticed greater dynamic range (compared to the Realist), the rest of the ensemble exclaimed how much more natural the amplified signal sounded. I also had great response from other musicians.
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Lauren Pierce from United States / Aug. 2015
I really like this pickup! It sounds great and is easy to use.

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Wilfredo Hernandez Perez (Congas) / Dec. 2016
double bass Super easy for install and very important "Good quality and made of durable material"..They are the Top...
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Gianluca Campanino (Mandolin) from France / Dec. 2016
I have played in the Trianon Theater in Paris with my mandolin and your pickup! Super concert and super sound!
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