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about MSP

Q: How does MSP connect?
A: MSP is high impedance. It can be connected to some equipment. Eg: guitar amps can receive high impedance. Most mixers cannot accept high impedance. Connect to DI unit or direct box to resolve the issue.

Q: Is a preamp necessary?
A: MSP has high volume output in passive contact pickups. Preamps may not be needed in most cases to amplify the sound. However, preamps are useful to control EQ or other effects close at hand.

Q: Which cable should I use?
A: It is a same as shielded instrument cable with 1/4" connectors for electric guitars and electric basses. Cheaper cables may cause sound degrading or noises so we recommend using higher quality cables.

Q: What are differences in the kits?
A: The differences are MSP connection type, MSP cable length, and attached contents. See the shopping site for details. "International Shipping"

Q: Can you recommended pickup placement on instruments?
A: Feel free to experiment with MSP placement on your instrument by yourself. People have different sound tastes. Even the sounds of same instrument are different. MSP can sensitively pick up sound wherever it's on attached. If MSP position is changed only a few millimeters, the sound changes. Enjoy finding sweet spots on your instrument.

Vids using MSP on various instruments are here: "MSP video site"

Are batteries needed?
A: Batteries are not necessary. MSP is passive pickup mic.

How do I detach the MSP?
A: Detaching MSP is reverse of installation.

1: Insert Magnet Setter(Magnetic Setting Tool) into your instrument and attach the tip of the tool to the Positioning Magnet.
2: Make sure both attached by feeling with your hand and lift the MSP off your instrument.
3: Pull out the Magnet Setter with Positioning Magnet from inside of your instrument.

What are differences between MSP and other contact pickups?
A: Most other contact pickups are attached by adhesives or modification. MSP is held in place by strong magnets. MSP can sensitively catch soundboard vibrations. The following figures are attenuation graphs of MSP and a contact piezo pickup affixed with double face tape.

Magnets(MSP) attenuation graphs of MSP
double face tape attenuation graphs of a contact piezo pickup affixed with double face tape

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