Gianluca Campanino using microphone for his mandolin

Pro-player, Gianluca Campanino, using Magnet Sandwiched Pickup(MSP) for Mandolin

Pickup manufacturer,, introduces an example using MSP microphone by Gianluca Campanino.

Review using MSP to his Mandolin from Gianluca Campanino

installation position of MSP pickup mic for mandolin Mandolin performance with MSP pickup mic for mandolin

I have played in the Trianon Theater in Paris with my mandolin and your pickup! Super concert and super sound!

- The comments and photos from Gianluca Campanino in France on Dec. 2016 -

Musician Biography


Gianluca Campanino / Mandolin

- Musician at Philharmonie de Paris
- Professor at Académie de Paris
- Teacher at Academie De Versailles
- Teacher at Docente di Oud presso il conservatorio Arrigo Pedrollo di Vicenza
- Lives in Paris, France



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- from Gianluca Campanino Facebook page on Jan. 2016 -



Other examples using MSP for Mandolin and other instruments

Magnet Sandwiched Pickup (MSP)

magnetic microphone to install with Neodymium magnets

Pickup made with Neodymium magnets and piezoelectric element. The MSP positioning is patented and state-of-the-art. A positioning magnet and an additional magnet in the MSP device hold MSP's piezoelectric element in place.

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No damage. No tools.

Installation is simple. Because MSP is kept in place by magnets, musical instruments are not damaged or dirtied due to adhesives. The MSP is placed outside of musical instruments, so it can be installed without any through hole.

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Grab your sweet spot.

The sound emitted from the contact pickups depends on the attachment position. Easily mount or remove MSP on the fly, so the free movement of the positioning location allows the player to control sound output based on their preference.

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Natural tone

Neodymium magnets, one within the MSP and an additional Positioning Magnet, push the piezoelectric element toward the soundboard. This provides louder and higher quality sound without the use of a pre-amp.

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