Mauro Gargano using microphone for upright bass

Pro-player, Mauro Gargano, using Magnet Sandwiched Pickup(MSP) for Double Bass

Pickup manufacturer,, introduces an example using MSP microphone by Mauro Gargano.

Review using MSP to his Double bass from Mauro Gargano

installation position of MSP pickup mic for double bassMauro Gargano using MSP contact pickup mic on the upright bass at a recording studio

I'm very impressed.

I played in Paris with armenian jazz band, i put the MSP pickup microphone in a bass ampli TC Electronic, and the sound was amazing.

I think better than my leading-brand double bass bridge pickup.

I like the sound, close to a real air microphone but without feed back.

I continue the experience for the next gigs.

- The comments and photos from Mauro Gargano in Francec on June 2016 -

His bass s a Patrick Charton model C21 n°1.

Musician Biography


MAURO GARGANO (double bass player, composer)

Mauro start studying classical and jazz upright bass with Maurizio Quintavalle in Bari.

Later, during the international seminar« Siena Jazz » in 1997/1998, he continued to learn with Furio Di Castri, Paolo Fresu and Enrico Rava.

He moved to Paris In 1998, and he studied at the CNSM (« Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris ») with Riccardo Del Fra, Daniel Humair, Glenn Ferris, François Theberge, Hervé Sellin and he graduated with the 1st Price and honors.

He also had the opportunity to participate at some master classes with: Kenny Wheeler, Marc Johnson, Scott Colley, Anders Jormin, Mark Dresser, Stefano Scodanibbio, Eric Harland, Jeremy Pelt, Lee Konitz, Jean Paul Celea, Steve Lacy, Kenny Werner, Bruno Chevillon, Barre Phillips, Clare Fisher, Marc Ducret, Gerald Wilson, Joey Baron, Archie Shepp, Bojan Z, and Walter Thompson (SoundPainting).

He had the opportunity to play with some musicians in Europe, Africa and Japan: Kenny Werner, Jeff Ballard, Aldo Romano, Paolo Fresu, Bojan Z, Mike Moreno, Nasheet Waits, Soweto Kinch, Chihiro Yamanaka, Chris Cheek, Fabrizio Bosso, Flavio Boltro, Daniel Humair, Junko Onishi, Junko Morya Nicolas Folmer, Francesco Bearzatti, René Urtreger, Florian Ross, Giovanni Mirabassi, Michel Legrand, Giovanni Falzone, Thierry Eliez, Christophe Marguet, Henri Texier, and many others…

As leader he found and play with “Quartetto Moderno” featuring Nicola Stilo & Gaetano Partipilo.

And in 2009 he release a new album with the project The Three Moons, titled « Voyage » for Jazz Engine records.

In 2008 he record and play with french jazz musician Christophe Marguet, and with his band « Resistence Poetique » he record 3 albums since 2008 to 2012

In 2011 he recorded with french musiciens Bruno Angelini and Fabrice Moreau the music of the Cd “So, Now..” for « Sans Bruit » Label.

In 2012 he introduced his first Cd with his name: Mauro Gargano "MoʼAvast Band" with Francesco Bearzatti (Italy), Stephane Mercier (Belgium), Bruno Angelini (France), Fabrice Moreau (France), that it is been CD “REVELATION” for Jazzmagazine in France, "ELU" by CitizenJazz, "Like It" by Jazzit, "Consigliato" by Musica Jazz.

In 2013 he won first price in a famous contemporary composition contest « Prix Italia » playing Sebastien Gaxie's composition « A Feast for Ears », produced by Radio France.

In 2014 he release the Cd of « Le Zouave Jacob », with saxophonist Gianni Gebbia and percussionist Dario de Filippo.

In 2016 Mauro introduce his new CD : « Suite for Battling Siki » featuring Jason Palmer, BojanZ, Jeff Ballard, Manu Codjia, Ricardo Izquierdo. He received the « CHOC » from Jazzmagazine (France), and it's « CD of the month » for Jazznews (France) & Musica Jazz (Italy).

Selective Discographie :

2016 Mauro Gargano « Suite for Battling Siki » (Gaya Music production)

  featuring : Jeff Ballard, Bojan Z, Jason Palmer

2016 Christophe Laborde « Heart of Things » (VLF prod)

2016 Sebastien Jarrousse « Old Fellow » (Gaya Music production)

  featuring : Magic Malik

2015 Fausto Ferraiuolo « Ponti Sospesi » (Abeat)

2014 Ben Mazué « 33 ans » (Sony Music)

2014 Alexis Avakian « Digging Chami » (Paris Jazz Underground)

2014 Renaud Gensane « Hapalemur » (Black Stamp Music)

2014 Gebbia-Gargano-De Filippo « Le Zouave Jacob » (Objet-A)

2014 Ricardo Izquierdo "Ida" (Plus Loin)

2013 Giuseppe Delre "Gateway to Life" (Abeat)

  featuring : Michael Rosen

2012 Stefano Maurizi "Nostalgie de l'Avenir" (Note Sonanti)

2012 Mauro Gargano "Mo'Avast Band" (Note Sonanti)

  featuring : Bruno Angelini & Francesco Bearzatti

2012 Sebastien Jarrousse "Wait & See" (Studio Neptune)

2012 Christophe Marguet "Pulsion" Cd & DVD (Abalone)

  featuring : Jean Charles Richard

2012 Philippe Lebaraillec "Involved" (Out Note)

  featuring : Chris Cheek

2012 Laura Littardi "Inner Dance" (Musea)

  featuring : Francesco Bearzatti

2011 Bruno Angelini-Mauro Gargano-Fabrice Moreau "So, Now?.." (SansBruit),

2010 Francesco Bearzatti Tinissima "Suite for Malcom X" (Parco Della Musica Records),

2010 Sam Coombs "Outlines" (33 Records),

2010 Damien Argentieri “Soleil Brun” (Altrisuoni, Anticraft)

2010 Christophe Marguet “Buscando la Luz” (Chant du Monde, Harmonia Mundi)

2010 Fabio Accardi “Arcoiris” (Mordente)

2009 Rene Urtreger “75” DVD (Carlyne Music)

2009 Rene Urtreger Quintet “75” (Carlyne Music)

2009 Sebastien Jarrousse Sextet “La Nuit des Temps” (Such Production)

  featuring : Pierre de Bethmann

2008 Philippe Lebareillec-Mauro Gargano-Ichiro Onoe "Invisible Wound" (Ajmi)

2008 LowerB "Between the night and day light", (Abrasive Records)

2008 Christophe Marguet "Resistence Poetique"quartet, "Itrane" (Chant du Monde)

2008 Schumacher Quartet "Windstille" (Cristal)

2008 Nico Gori European quartet "Alien in your Head" (Doublestroke records)

2008 Nicolas Folmer "Plays Michel Legrand" (Cristal)

  featuring : Michel Legrand, Thierry Eliez

2007 The Three Moons "Voyage" (Jazzengine)

2006 Giovanni Falzone European 5tet "Meeting in Paris" (Soul Note)

2004 Sam Coombes & Rob Chapman quartet "Static Shock" (Elabeth)

2003 Sylvain Del Campo "Derrière le Soleil" (Laprod)

2003 Rino Adamo Fiii quartet "Variazioni su un tema" (Splasch)

2002 Sam Coombes & Rob Chapman quartet (7th floor music)

2001 Luca Cacucciolo "The lights go down" (Map Lesh Tales)

  featuring : Fabrizio Bosso

2001 Gaetano Partipilo "Urban Society" (Soul Note black saint)

  featuring : Nasheet Waits

2000 Nicola Conte "Jet Sounds" (Schema)

1999 Quartetto Moderno "Ecco" (Schema)

  featuring : Nicola Stilo

1998 Rosa Paeda "Facce" (Sottosuono)

1997 VVAA "Groove expresso" (EMI)

1995 VVAA "The right touch" (Right Tempo)

1995 Tempo 5 "The Way I Had” (Right Tempo)

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- the biography from Mauro Gargano on July 2016 -

plofileHis bass s a Patrick Charton model C21 n°1.



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Other examples using MSP for Bass

Magnet Sandwiched Pickup (MSP)

magnetic microphone to install with Neodymium magnets

Pickup made with Neodymium magnets and piezoelectric element. The MSP positioning is patented and state-of-the-art. A positioning magnet and an additional magnet in the MSP device hold MSP's piezoelectric element in place.

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No damage. No tools.

Installation is simple. Because MSP is kept in place by magnets, musical instruments are not damaged or dirtied due to adhesives. The MSP is placed outside of musical instruments, so it can be installed without any through hole.

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Grab your sweet spot.

The sound emitted from the contact pickups depends on the attachment position. Easily mount or remove MSP on the fly, so the free movement of the positioning location allows the player to control sound output based on their preference.

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Natural tone

Neodymium magnets, one within the MSP and an additional Positioning Magnet, push the piezoelectric element toward the soundboard. This provides louder and higher quality sound without the use of a pre-amp.

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