Lauren Pierce using microphone for upright bass

Pro-player, Lauren Pierce, using Magnet Sandwiched Pickup(MSP) for Double Bass

Pickup manufacturer,, introduces an example using MSP microphone by Lauren Pierce.

Review using MSP to his Double bass from Lauren Pierce


 I recorded a video demonstration/review of a new pickup I got from Japan. It's called the Magnet Sandwiched Pickup made by the company

 I A/B compared the MSP to my Fishman Full Circle, Realist Lifeline, and Ehrlund. I'd describe it as a hybrid between the Realist and the Ehrlund. It sounds more natural than the Realist or Full Circle to me but not as mic-like as the Ehrlund.

 I think it has some advantages over the Ehrlund because it cuts through the mix better. I found it easier to use by itself when playing with a drummer and it doesn't need a preamp before going into an amp.

 It's nearly identical in terms of setup to the Ehrlund except the MSP uses magnets instead of the putty. The only worry I have is that the magnet could accidentally fall into the bass and get lost when taking it off, but they include a wire (Magnet setting tool) to put on the inner magnet to prevent that from happening.

- The comments from Lauren Pierce in US Sep. 2015 -

Musician Biography


 Lauren Pierce is a classical double bassist in Austin, Texas.

 Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren Pierce started her musical studies at the age of 7 on piano and voice. Later, she was introduced to the double bass and soon began lessons with Douglas Sommer, section bassist for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Pierce continued her studies at the University of South Carolina under the tutelage of Dr. Craig Butterfield. While at USC, Lauren was given the Presser Scholar Award, named a Magellan Scholar, and, in 2010, performed a concerto with the University of South Carolina Symphony as the winner of the USC Concerto Competition. After graduating from USC, Lauren moved to Denton, Texas to study with Jeffrey Bradetich. While there, Lauren competed in the American String Teachers Association Competition and the International Society of Bassists Competition. In 2014, she was named coordinator of the Bradetich Summer Bass Camps.

 Lauren has worked in many different genres and artistic mediums. In 2008, Lauren became a section member in the South Carolina Philharmonic. Lauren appeared as a soloist in the 2011 film “Luz,” by Los Angeles filmmaker Ellie Ann Fenton. She has recorded as a soloist on multiple albums, including singer-songwriter Collin Hauser’s debut album Collin Hauser with Grammy-award winning recording engineer Tim Kimsey, Fall River Footman’s Mullen Road, and R&B artist Mikaela Kahn’s Milk And Honey. Currently, Lauren is living in Austin, Texas as a performer and teacher.

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Other examples using MSP for Bass

Magnet Sandwiched Pickup (MSP)

magnetic microphone to install with Neodymium magnets

Pickup made with Neodymium magnets and piezoelectric element. The MSP positioning is patented and state-of-the-art. A positioning magnet and an additional magnet in the MSP device hold MSP's piezoelectric element in place.

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No damage. No tools.

Installation is simple. Because MSP is kept in place by magnets, musical instruments are not damaged or dirtied due to adhesives. The MSP is placed outside of musical instruments, so it can be installed without any through hole.

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Grab your sweet spot.

The sound emitted from the contact pickups depends on the attachment position. Easily mount or remove MSP on the fly, so the free movement of the positioning location allows the player to control sound output based on their preference.

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Natural tone

Neodymium magnets, one within the MSP and an additional Positioning Magnet, push the piezoelectric element toward the soundboard. This provides louder and higher quality sound without the use of a pre-amp.

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