About BeatJack shaker

BeatJack is a new-style shaker that hijacks your instrument and adds variety of effect on your performance. Design registered. How to enjoy is up to you!

The structure of Beatjack shaker and the mechanism of the sound outputtingAttach a BeatJack shaker to your instrument by sandwiching the sound board with magnets. BeatJack can not only produce unprecedented performance and sound, but also has the characteristic that the sound is reflected in the instrument and becomes bigger output. The transparent shaker body makes it possible to see how the sound balls inside jump. The shaker has both practicability and unprecedented visual effects. I bet your performance surely attract audiences!

Parts/Main parts and extra parts and How to use

What makes beat lack attractive is that it is freely attachable/removable anywhere you like. As BeatJack is made with strong neodymium magnets, please be very careful with handling. 123sound.jp is not liable for any damage caused by the process of installing our products or parts, or any accident caused by using them. Only the customers who agree with this point can purchase our products.

List of shaker tools and contents that make it possible to take over guitar | #1: BeatJack shaker | #2: Positioning magnet setter | #3: Positioning magnet | #4: Sound balls | #5: Docking Base (α) | #6: Tap Point Sticker | #7: Double-sided tape for Positioning Magnet | #8: Transparent protector | #9: Felt Sheet | #10: Rubber Sheet | #11: Pouch |

Attachments for BeatJack vary by each kit. Please check our shop site for the details.

BeatJack shaker

how to install the Positioning Magnet of BeatJackhow to open BeatJack shaker and to change sound balls.BeatJack is a shaker which can be attached to an instrument and played. As you can opne and change the inside of the BeatJack, this let you enjoy various sounds. When attaching, press a positioning magnet firmly against the inner position and then, attract each other with placing your finger between the magnetic face of the BeatJack and the desired position. After that, fit the BeatJack on the instrument slowly and carefully while taking your finger off.

【ATTENTION】Please be sure to use a sheet of cushioning or Docking Base to avoid a impact and a damage to your instrument by attaching.

Sound balls

Shaker contents, sound ballsContents of BeatJack are called sound balls which output the shaker sound. You can change the sound by adopting different shape, size, weight and quantity of sound balls. Also mixing different kinds of sound balls gives you a fun to create an original sound. It's a good idea to try the things around you as sound balls.

【NOTES】BeatJack may get scratched and foggy depending on the materials of sound balls.

Positioning Magnet

Positioning Magnet fixing the BeatJack shaker aor the dockingg basePositioning Magnet is used to attach BeatJack or Docking Base to an instrument. BeatJack or Docking Base is mounted by attracting Positioning Magnet and BeatJack/Docking Base each other through the board of the instrument. Please attach Docking Base with Beatjack before attracting Beatjack and Positioning Magnet when using Docking Base. Make sure each of the magnetic poles faces correctly so that BeatJack and Positioning Magnet won't repel each other before attaching.

Positioning Magnet Setter

wired tool to insert a positioning manget inside of instrument.Positioning Magnet Setter is used to insert a Positioning Magnet inside of an instrument. Adjust the shape that is easy to handle depending on the instrument and the position to be mounted, and put a magnet on the tip of the Positioning Magnet Setter. For less impact of attracting the magnets, press the magnet on the sound board, and attract the BeatJack (or the Docking Base) and the magnet slowly by a finger sandwiching a finger then taking the finger off between the installation position and the BeatJack (or the Docking Base).

Docking Base

Docking base keeps attracting a Positioning magnethow to use docking baseDocking Base is made of a material that attracts magnets, and it is used to keepa Positioning Magnet set on sound board. A Positioning Magnet can be easily mounted at any position with a Docking Base, so a BeatJack can be quickly attached and detached. When removing the BeatJack, pull the BeatJack apart while holding the both ends of the Docking Base with your fingers on the sound board. When removing the Docking Base itself, press a end of it with your finger to lift the center plate of the Docking Base and take it off. Before removing the Docking Base insert a Positioning Magnet Setter inside of the instrument and attract the Positioning Magnet and the Setter. Pull the Setter with the magnet out after removing the Docking Base. Use a hand instead of a Positioning Magnet setter if a hand can be inserted inside of the instrument. There are two kinds of Docking Base. Docking Base α (alpha type) has a ribs with grooves, and by engaging the convex of the BeatJack, the aspect of the BeatJack can be kept so that the BeatJack does not turn due to the vibration of the sound board. The aspect can be turned easily by hand, so you can play the BeatJack at a angle of your choice.

Tap Point Sticker

Tap Point Sticker protects your ukulele from tapping play.Tap Point Sticker is a sticky sponge sheet. Stick it on the tapping position of an instrument. Because the attack sound of the tap is softened by tapping on the Tap Point Sticker, the sound of the BeatJack is more pronounced. The size for ukulele. If you are concerned about the influence of adhesive on your instrument, please do not use Tap Point Sticker.

Double-sided tape for Positioning Magnet

Double-sided tape is used to fix a Positioning Magnet. If the position to use the BeatJack do not be changed, fixing the position of the Positioning Magnet with a Double Adhesive Tape makes it easy to attach and detach the BeatJack. Double Adhesive Tape is not included in any BeatJack kit and sold separately. It may be difficult to remove the Positioning Magnet after fixing with a Double Adhesive Tape. Please use the tape at your own risk.

Transparent protector

You can use the protector on the desired position to protect your instrument from scratches caused by rubbing the BeatJack or its accessories. and the instrument, if you are concerned. Peel off the protective sheet layer; the transparent side is the protector itself and the lattice patterned side is the protective sheet layer. The protector sticks with static electricity instead of adhesive.

Felt Sheet (Cushioning)

Felt Sheet is used when the BeatJack is installed on a surface with strong oscillation such as a skin head of a percussion. By sandwiching a Felt sheet between the beat jack and the strike head surface, the BeatJack can be inhibited from bouncing due to the strong oscillation.

Rubber Sheet (Cushioning / Nonslipping)

浮き上がりを防止する緩衝材Rubber Sheet is used between a BeatJack and soundboard as nonslipping. Rubber Sheet inhibits a BeatJack from moving or turning. Also used as cushioning.


There is also an interesting use besides the use as a pouch. Please see a video (will be posted later) for the details.


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